Risk Acknowledgement

If you have an athlete that is below the age of 18, please read, accept the acknowledgement of risk, and then fill out the form below.

As a potential participant of Griz Grass, I could possibly sustain injuries no matter how well conditioned I may be. Depending on the nature of the sport, injuries may be minor to fatal in nature. Some specific injuries that may be sustained by participants in physical activity associated with sports such as this one are as follows: stoppage of breathing, spine and neck injuries (either of which could result in paralysis), concussion, heart failure, broken legs, feet, ankles, toes or other bones, heat stroke, heat cramp, heat exhaustion, stroke, convulsion, unconsciousness, abrasions to limbs such as arms, legs and head, fainting, sudden illness, cramps, and loss of wind.

Physical contact poses risks in Griz Grass activities as well, even though it occurs regularly as an accepted part of the sport. The propensity for major injuries, such as injuries to the spinal column, broken bones, concussion and internal injuries to major organs increases in relation to the force of impact upon contact or collision. I understand the risk of injury due to the force of a collision. I realize that if I have physical problems such as a heart condition, hypertension, orthopedic problems, or other medical problems, I should consult a physician concerning any limits to my activity.

I agree to comply with all rules and regulations, including those given verbally and in writing. I also agree to participate in safety meetings and the presentation of any safety material, such as a video on safety, which are designed and offered to promote safety in all activities.

Knowing the inherent risks, dangers and rigors involved in the activities in which I choose to participate at this camp, I certify that I am fully capable of participating in the activities offered.

To participate in Griz Grass you must have been approved for athletic participation by a doctor within the last year. Also, you must be covered by current medical insurance and have a completed and signed medical release form. While at camp, our athletic trainers will have possession of all medical releases and a trainer will be on site at all camp times. *Please bring a signed note with explanations (when to take medications, insulin shots, etc...) if you have any special medical needs. These notes will be given to our trainers on the first day of camp.

I hereby authorize my daughter's/son's participation in Griz Grass. I know of no physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral problems which may affect my daughter's/son's ability to safely participate. The camp staff is authorized to attend to any health problem or injury my daughter/son may incur while participating in Griz Grass.

I understand that my daughter/son must have current and active medical insurance before she/he may attend Griz Grass and hereby confirm that she/he does. Neither I nor my daughter/son will hold the University of Montana, Griz Grass, Montana Volleyball Program, Griz Grass Staff, or any other employee liable for any injuries/illnesses or expenses relating to injuries/illnesses sustained while my daughter/son is playing in Griz Grass.

Each participant is responsible for their own personal belongings, be respectful of the Griz Grass staff, trainers, equipment, follow all Griz Grass regulations. I hereby acknowledge that I/my daughter/son will observe all rules and expectations as listed above and recognize that in the case of noncompliance I/my daughter/son is responsible for any damage caused to equipment of University of Montana facilities and Griz Grass property.